Today is The Happiest Day of My Entire Life…


Because today is the only day of my entire life. 

This current moment is the only day and the only time in my life. There is nothing else. Nothing else exists except what is in front of me. All other thoughts other than this moment, are just that, thoughts. 

I love our planet and all the beauty it holds. Every photograph holds a place in my heart and our universe. Life as we all know can be challenging and move at light speed. My photographs are taken when I stop and live in the present moment without any worry or thought of the past or future. When I shoot, I am truly in the space of that moment to appreciate the beautiful world in front of me. 

While New York City and Charleston, South Carolina are my home, my artwork features many cities, towns and landscapes from across the globe. As an avid traveler, my goal is to stay present in the beauty of every place I visit. 

Thank you for visiting my page! Please take a moment to live in your present moment. Savor it, treasure it and smile :) 

Roberto Carlos